Catalog - Beanie Caps and Yarns

Tip for making your shopping easier: Choose ten caps that instantly get your attention and add them to the cart. Then reduce that amount to five and then to two. By that point you should have a pretty good idea of what's working for you. Each cap and Nekker is one of a kind and made only by Tom and Jed. 

Returns and Care


Return Policy

Caring for your Cap

Caring for your Cap

Because our caps and Nekkers are worn next to the hair and skin of the head they come under the category of intimate wear and cannot be returned. This is the only way that we can guarantee you will receive brand new caps that have never been worn by another person. We will cover defective workmanship.


Caring for your Cap

Caring for your Cap

Caring for your Cap

We recommend dry cleaning your caps and Nekkers, especially if they have any fur in them like Samoyed or Angora. Certain yarns like cashmere and merino can be gently hand washed but our experience has been that most caps and Nekkers look better with a once a year trip to the dry cleaners.

Jed and Tom

Life in the Sweatshop

Jed and Tom are known professionally as the BeanieCapGuys and they crochet and sell high-end beanie caps and Nekkers. They use the finest animal-fibered yarns they can find from across the planet and recently began selling some of the yarns they use in their caps.

Since the very early 2000s Tom has been crocheting and selling caps and Nekkers under the name Pussy Cap and that wildly successful brand continues uninterrupted. Jed and Tom wanted something of their own that reflects the nature of their work together so they decided on BeanieCapGuys. Tom designs the caps and Nekkers and they both finish them; their work being so alike now that neither can tell whose is whose.

Tom and Jed make every single piece themselves. They're the sweatshop. Since it's all about the yarns they invest a lot of time and money buying the very finest,  very softest and in some cases the very rarest yarns they can find. Some of those yarns are now for sale in the catalog along with the entire collection of caps and Nekkers. 


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