Tom Clark and Jed McDonald are the Beanie Cap Guys. They live and work on a cattle ranch in the Wood River Valley in Idaho. Though neither of the guys was born in Idaho their families were among the first homesteaders in the southern part of the state in the early 1900s. Tracing some of their roots, Jed and Tom now call Idaho home. 

Tom designs the one-of-a-kind caps and Nekkers using yarns that he and Jed source from all over the planet. After the initial design is started the guys both finish crocheting them by hand the old-fashioned way; with a hook and some yarn. They only use animal fibered yarns because they’re warmer, they wick moisture away from the head and they’re more durable than synthetic yarns. ​ 


For Jed and Tom it’s all about the yarns and the craftsmanship that goes into crocheting them. 

Tom has been a professional photographer since the early eighties specializing in entertainment imagery, portraiture and now almost excelusively fine-art nudes. A portfolio of his work can be seen at the link below which at the moment features mostly the nudes. 


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