Jed and Tom

Jed is a lifelong martial artist and weaponist, having trained in Kung Fu, sword form and other martial arts disciplines. He is also a professional fire dancer and has performed in countless venues over the past twenty years. Some videos of Jed's practice can be seen here. 

Tom has been a professional photographer for the past forty years and continues his work in the arena of fine art nudes and entertainment portraiture. He is also a garden designer with installations from coast to coast. You can see Tom's photography work at

Currently Jed and Tom are the resident gardeners for an estate and working cattle ranch near Sun Valley, Idaho where they crochet caps and Nekkers in their spare time.

Here's our YouTube channel where you can watch videos of both of us doing our thing. 

Tom Crocheting

Brief visit to our sweatshop

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Jed Fire Dancing

Short clip of Jed with his fire chucks performing at the Willow Woman Burn in Hailey, Idaho